the deep



Travel without boundaries

We are bringing a new era to travel rooted in the deepest values of exploration, luxury, and sustainability. Airships can fly for days and don’t need airports for landing. They can land and access the remote and yet unexplored corners of the world. Their size allows us to provide large and comfortable cabins, lounges, fine dining areas, and big panoramic windows like no other current means of air travel. Given their unique lifting capabilities, energy efficiency is maximized making them one, if not the most, sustainable vehicles.

Our first expedition will make history by landing an airship on the North Pole for the first time in history. In the near future, we´ll be bringing more airships and expeditions around the world, bringing us closer to sustainable travel.

Join us on our North Pole expedition and be inspired by our Capricorn Voyage.


First season flight 2024/2025

North Pole expedition

OceanSky takes you on a pioneering expedition to land on the North Pole, as the first modern airship in history. A limited amount of tickets are available for the true Pioneers of the world.


New inspiration

Capricorn Voyage

Join our vision to change the way we see Africa today. Soon we will be able to follow the migrations and access the most remote and beautiful corners of Africa from a totally new perspective in a truly sustainable way.

Environment Care

Low emissions

Aviation must be sustainable. Our goal is to prove a new concept of flying, disrupting fossil fuel consumption. We believe lighter-than-air technology is the way forward to achieve it.

Life Onboard

Space and Comfort

Ultimate Freedom

Imagine freedom without boundaries, cruising towards your destination overflying breathtaking scenarios looking at them moving beneath your feet. Imagine soaring the sky smoothly, no bumps, no seatbelts needed, not a sound other than from the nature around you. Welcome on board.