“I’m proud that we finally could launch sales. The reception of our offer was received beyond expectation and just a few days after our opening offer was launched we received our first payments from excited travelers. Glad to see that it generated a lot of interest around the globe, from the USA, Europe, and Asia. I have always believed in this project and it feels great to get traction and such a good response.” says Carl-Oscar Lawaczeck Founder CEO OceanSky.

Due to the extremely limited amount of departures, we decided to sell tickets by exclusive invitation. It is clear to us that the demand is there.

Large-scale hybrid airships offer a technology that is readily available today and when commercially proven, can offer the most energy saving potential in aviation in the shortest time horizon compared to any other options. Airships can save in excess of 90% of the energy used, to do the same transport work with the same result. The remaining 10% of the energy demand can then fairly easy be non-fossil.

To create a paradigm shift in aviation we challenge the basics of traveling. We show what is possible, even 100 years ago, but now with modern ultra light, ultra strong materials, and state-of-the-art engineering and design.

oceanskycruisis - northpole route

From Svalbard to The North Pole: Learn more about the journey