About us

Making the skies sustainable

Our mission is to enable our aeronauts to access and experience the most remote and pristine regions in style and comfort, without leaving a footprint.

Our vision is decarbonized aviation. We believe airships, the most energy-efficient aerial vehicle, can disrupt aviation.


OceanSky Cruises

The Company

OceanSky was founded in 2014 after many years of research and investigation in the lighter-than-air sector. The management and founders have a substantial background in different areas of both the  aviation and the luxury travel industry.  Amongst us, we have developed more than 4 different JAR 25 commercial cargo aircraft into E-class compartment freighters as project initiators and project managers which has led to successful business ventures and creation of high-value assets. After years of development in 2018 OceanSky Cruises brand was released and an unprecedented concept was unveiled. Unique experiential travel was given a revolutionary new meaning by providing a sustainable way to access remote locations in style and comfort.

Our management team comes from a rich multicultural background, different areas of expertise and years of proven experience in the ultra-large private jet sector, luxury and experiential travel, high-end aeronautic design, airline operations and finance. Our advisory board has been carefully selected to bring the best in luxury experiential travel comprising the best Scandinavian know-how and expertise in the experiential sector.

Our goal is to write a story that serves the greater good, introducing lighter-than-air technology into the luxury experiential travel and aviation industries.