photo © Tom Hegen

The journey from Svalbard to the North Pole and back is the ultimate in luxury and arctic adventure, a truly unique experience. Airlander 10’s capacity and customized luxury cabin create something that amounts to more than a flying 5-star hotel and more than a superyacht of the sky.

The experience of travelling in a hybrid aircraft is very different from an airplane. It’s silent, spacious and serene with sublime comfort. You’ll stay in a one-of-a-kind luxury accommodation and we take care of every detail of your trip for a seamless adventure over one of the most fascinating displays of nature in the world.


OceanSky flies up to 6000ft on the passenger version of Airlander 10. This is about 2000 meters and therefore there is no need for a pressurized cabin. An unpressurized cabin gives us the possibility to have amazing panorama windows and glass floors. Things that wouldn’t be possible in a jet aircraft. OceanSky will normally fly between 1000ft and 3000ft, and the only reason to climb higher is to catch a more favorable wind, as the wind turns clockwise when ascending.

Video courtesy of Hybrid Air Vehicles Ltd./Design Q

    4 pilots work in shift, operating in a dual pilot system. Pilots are responsible for preflight planning, operation, navigation and ground mooring. There is one captain, one cruise relief captain (who is responsible for operation when the captain is resting), 2 first officers, assisting the captain on deck in shifts.

    1 Steward/Expedition leader, maintaining kitchen and assisting the chef, tending bar and serving guests. Our steward is knowledgeable about Svalbard and the Arctic and functions as an expedition leader on the North Pole.

    1 Executive chef, responsible for menu and food preparation.

    1 Flight attendant. Providing service, information, guidance, and assistance for safety and comfort to passengers on board.

    16 Passengers


Compared to an airplane cabin the quality of air inside our non-pressurized cabin is of much higher quality in every sense.  Breathe easy, sleep deep. Easier on your eyes and skin and your taste buds savour food and wine better.

The possibilities of design and choices of materials set new standards for excellence in air travel.


Food tastes better with a majestic view. Sit back, relax and enjoy our Arctic-themed menu, prepared by our renowned chef.

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