Follow migrations

Across the African skies

We can follow migrations throughout the continent from an unparallel point of view. Airships allow us to travel for days without the need for land infrastructure, preserving the environment without leaving a footprint.

Aerial view Elephants herds


Access the most remote locations

North to South or East to West, few places on the planet are as vast and remote as the African landscapes. Amongst its many secrets, it holds some of the most remote,  inaccessible, and pristine sites on Earth. Join us in our vision of the future of travel through airships. Be it from the comfort of your private cabin, seating on the lounge, the viewing deck or simply sipping a glass of wine at the bar, we can promise an experience and comfort like no other.

The Tropic of Capricorn

Soon we´ll be able to design long and epic travel itineraries around the world. Traveling across the Tropic of Capricon from the vast deserts of Nambia, over the Okavango Delta, the mighty Victoria Falls and the coral beaches of the Indian Ocean is on our list.

We will offer the opportunity of traveling in a truly sustainable way, accessing the most beautiful and remote corners in Africa, in true style and comfort as it has never been done before. Travel for days across a continent without unpacking your bag.


A sustainable way of traveling

Epic safaris

We want to rethink the way we travel. Airships allow us to see Africa from a new perspective. The ability to fly for days without the need for any infrastructure will open new remote areas to a different way of travel. Have dinner while you enjoy the sunset over the Namib desert to wake up to a warm cup of coffee above the Okavango Delta without having to unpack your bag will soon be possible. Following the great migrations, admiring the awe-inspiring Victoria Falls, or landing to explore the Kalahari desert to then leave without leaving a footprint is our objective.  We aim to design a unique adventure across the Tropic of Capricorn in style and comfort, providing a truly sustainable way of travel, flying over the most remote and beautiful regions in the African continent. 

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